VeggieWorld 2019 – a platform for plant-based inspiration

VeggieWorld is Europe’s largest and oldest consumer fair for plant-based products. It’s a platform that inspires people – vegans, meat eaters, and everyone inbetween – to make choices that have a positive impact on their health, the planet, and animals. ProVeg has been involved with the development of this landmark event from the very beginning, and we are proud to have been official partners of VeggieWorld since 2011.

2018 was a milestone year for VeggieWorld! We presented more than 100,000 visitors with an array of new plant-based products and an exciting program of cooking demos, entertainment, and lectures. Taking place in 21 locations across eight countries in Europe, VeggieWorld gathered innovators, producers, and creators to demonstrate the ease and accessibility of vegan living.


We held events in France, Spain, England, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, successfully expanding our roster to include Poland and Portugal. From delicious food, high-quality cosmetics, ethical clothing, and stand-up comedians, to celebrity chefs and YouTube influencers, there was something for everyone. Exhibitors and guests were thrilled about the enthusiasm and energy of the crowds – a sign that interest in plant-based living really has soared in recent times!



This year, VeggieWorld will be even bigger and better! We will run 19 events across 12 countries and have already confirmed a number of high-profile guests. Our kickoff event in Utrecht, Netherlands, taking place from 9-10 March, will feature a cooking demo by plant-based food sensations Bosh! as well as other vegan celebrities.


We will be breaking new ground this year, bringing VeggieWorld to Italy, as well as venturing outside Europe, to Hong Kong and mainland China. With over 7.4 million people living in Hong Kong, we are excited to be holding our first event there in March and be part of a growing plant-based scene in the region. Hong Kong already has over 150,000 people who identify as veggie or vegan and over 1.6 million people who  identify as flexitarian, creating demand for the 50+ vegan restaurants that exist in Hong Kong already.


We’re also very excited to debut VeggieWorld in Hangzhou, China, in May. Nutrition is one of the most important topics in everyday life in China and the government now officially recommends that people reduce their meat consumption. As the second largest market after the US and home to around 20 million vegetarians, it’s a key time to host producers of all types of plant-based innovations for this growing market.



VeggieWorld is about creating awareness of the myriad possibilities of a plant-based lifestyle. It’s a place to meet people who make things happen, hear fresh ideas, and try products not yet available on the supermarket shelves. It’s an inclusive space for the curious to experience plant-based living. Importantly, VeggieWorld is an opportunity to increase the reach of our organization on an international level. It inspires everyone to try plant-based living using the most effective way we know – showcasing the endless possibilities to create delicious, satisfying food! Please join us for this exciting event!


For more information and the full list of dates and locations, visit the VeggieWorld website.

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