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VegMed Web 2021: the future of food and healthcare

From 28 February to 2 March 2021, VegMed, Europe’s largest conference on plant-based nutrition in medicine, will take place as a virtual event for the first time. The three-day program will be densely packed with scientific lectures from leading researchers and physicians from all over the world, covering topics such as planetary health, childhood nutrition, and plant-based medicine for chronic diseases.

VegMed online

VegMed is a unique scientific congress for medical professionals and students. It gathers enthusiastic scientists and clinicians who are dedicated to improving approaches to nutrition in the healthcare system. VegMed first took place in 2012 as a one-day event, and has grown rapidly ever since. This year, VegMed will, for the first time, take place as a virtual event, thus making it globally accessible to an international audience of healthcare professionals.

A wealth of knowledge

VegMed Web 2021 will be hosted on a digital-event plattform. There will be two parallel program streams over three days, with more than 50 speakers giving scientific talks, hosting workshops, and contributing to panel sessions. VegMed Web 2021 is certified with 18 CME (‘continuing medical education’) points by the Berlin Chamber of Physicians. Participants will be able to engage with the speakers in Q&A sessions, while additional virtual networking tools will allow attendees and speakers to connect with peers and colleagues.

Plant-based food and lifestyle

While moving to a more plant-based diet may seem like a challenge, plant-based living is actually easier and more convenient than ever before.

Plant-based nutrition and planetary health

Day 1 will be dedicated to the latest findings in plant-based medicine, as well as highlighting the links between nutrition, climate change, and the emergence of zoonotic diseases. Attendees can expect talks from experts such as Prof. Andreas Michalsen, Dr. Jennifer Trilk, and Dr. Shireen Kassam. On day 2, the main focus will be on the implementation of research findings in everyday medical practice. Panel discussions and workshops on nutritional medicine and plant-based diets in hospitals will equip health professionals with the tools they need to turn theory into practice.

The role of plant-based diets in battling pandemics

A shift to plant-based eating can help reduce the risk of future pandemics.

Vegan nutrition in childhood, Public Health Nutrition and education

On Day 3, VegMed will focus on plant-based nutrition during childhood and youth, in a panel discussion featuring experts such as Prof. Markus Keller, Carolin Wiedmann, and Prof. Bernhard Watzl. Other talks will look at the importance of lifestyle medicine for healthy communities as well as the evident lack of nutritional education in contemporary medical schools, and how students can get involved in advancing medical education and public health. The full program is available on the VegMed website.


VegMed is a project of a non-profit consortium comprising the Charité University Outpatient Clinic for Integrative Medicine at Immanuel Hospital Berlin, the Physicians Association for Nutrition (PAN), ProVeg International, and the Stiftung Reformhaus Fachakademie.

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