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Which fast-food chain offers the most inclusive menu? ProVeg Czechia launches Fast Food Ranking


While more and more Czechs are following a plant-based diet, only a fraction of the fast-food chains in the country have plant-based options on their menu. ProVeg Czechia has prepared a ranking of fast-food chains based on the number of plant-based meals they offer, their labeling, and promotional activities.

Adapting to new consumer demands

In the last few years, the world has seen a positive shift in the perception of plant-based diets. In response, food manufacturers and food-service providers are expanding their product range in order to meet the growing demand for plant-based products. These changes, motivated mainly by demand from flexitarians, have not gone unnoticed by fast-food chains, which are trying to adapt to these new levels of consumer demand.


We are excited to announce that the Czech Vegan Society (CVS) has joined ProVeg and become ProVeg Czechia. Their work from the past few years is already having a substantial impact – a quarter of Czechs are currently reducing their meat consumption!

Based on this positive development, large fast-food chains are introducing affordable plant-based alternatives. These include, for example, plant-based burgers, fried noodles with tofu instead of meat, and desserts without milk and eggs. This global shift has also affected the Czech market, where popular fast-food chains are increasingly including plant-based dishes on their menus, although often at a slower rate than in other countries.


Czech Fast Food Ranking

In September 2022, ProVeg Czechia conducted a survey of plant-based meals offered by 14 fast-food chains. Several criteria were evaluated, including the number of plant-based dishes on the restaurant’s menu in the categories of main courses, side dishes, and desserts. The labeling of foods as plant-based or vegan was also ranked, along with promotional activities around these products.

Out of the total offerings from 14 Czech fast-food chains, only 9% of main courses, 34% of side dishes, and 24% of desserts are fully plant-based. Most plant-based main courses are offered by restaurants where customers can assemble their own meal, such as Subway and Burrito Loco. Starbucks also has a significant representation of plant-based dishes. A substantial number of plant-based desserts are offered by companies such as UGO fresh bar and Fruitisimo, which specialize in ice cream and smoothies.


Czech report points out opportunities

ProVeg Czechia has published a report summarizing the results of their Fast-Food Chain Ranking, highlighting some dishes from the menus of the best restaurants and assessing their contribution to the plant-based market as a whole. The report also highlights which chains have gaps in their plant-based offerings. “Although the ranking highlights several chains that offer plant-based meals, the biggest benefit should be that it points out opportunities for restaurants without any plant-based options and for producers of plant-based alternatives that could cooperate with these fast-food chains,” said Martin Ranninger, Country Director of ProVeg Czechia.

The main conclusion of the ranking is that fast-food chains in Czechia are going in the right direction by expanding their plant-based offerings, but many changes still need to be made in order to completely satisfy the demand for healthier, more ecologically sound, and more affordable options. Big players in the fast-food sector must quickly adapt to the changes that are already taking place, both in Czechia and abroad, and offer their customers more plant-based dishes. According to surveys1, young people go to fast-food restaurants the most often, and they are also the group that is most likely to prefer a meat-free diet. By offering more plant-based dishes, restaurants will not only attract a wider range of potential customers, but also satisfy their key clientele.


We are excited to announce that the Belgian non-profit EVA has joined ProVeg and become ProVeg Belgium. Over the past 22 years, the Belgian team has already had a considerable impact and put plant-based eating firmly on the map in Belgium.




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