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Five festive season dinner tips

Whether you’re new to the joys of plant-based eating or you’re a longtime veggie, ProVeg has some helpful tips to make your festive dinner sparkle. There’s no need to miss out on traditional favorites (which might not be plant-based) when so many delicious alternatives abound! In this festive guide, we highlight some plant-based favorites and a little conversational wisdom.


Switch out traditional smoked salmon for a tasty vegan lox. You can make vegan salmon with marinated carrots or commercial salmon alternatives. Potato or sweet potato fritters are another festive favorite that are super easy to veganize. Simply replace the egg with a plant-based binder such as flour, cornstarch, aquafaba, or ground flax seeds.

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Leave the birds in peace this year by swapping out your traditional goose, turkey, or chicken with one of the many plant-based meat alternatives rocking the market. You could try out some roasted Heura chunks, the Vegetarian Butcher’s What the Cluck, or your local supermarket’s in-house range of alternative poultry. All of these products can be roasted with all your usual spices and veggies, and served up as a piping-hot feast for the family! If you’re feeling indulgent, why not try a classic nut roast? And if you want something that looks more traditional, then a vegan roast Wellington is a great centerpiece. You can find this festive recipe, along with seven others, in our Vegan Holiday Recipes ebook. If you’ve ever thought about whipping up a delicious three-course meal for a festive occasion that will bring people together – regardless of whether they’re veggie or not – this is your chance!

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The key thing to remember is that your plant-based main course doesn’t have to be just tofu or lentils (unless that’s what you want!). These days, supermarkets are exploding with alternative proteins – from spiced-chicken-style pieces to crispy nuggets, sumptuous roasts, delicious cold cuts, and more. Just be sure to ask around the store if you’re not used to looking for these kinds of foods – sometimes these products are hiding in their own plant-based section.


Sooooo many festive favorites can be veganised in a flash – either by adapting classic home baking or by choosing the ‘free-from’ option in your local supermarket. Our favorites include vegan panna cotta and chocolate mousse with whipped cream.

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You can also veganize traditional cookie recipes by replacing butter with margarine, and eggs with a touch of corn starch or applesauce. There are dozens of recipes to choose from, like these plant-based Linzer cookies!


Whether you’ve just started dipping your toes into plant-based living or you’ve already been plant-based for a while, finding a present for your loved ones might be a bit of a challenge. In order to make sure that the holidays are also a celebration of plant-based living, you should aim to only shop for products that are free from animal-derived products – even if your loved ones have not shifted to plant-based living themselves. You might want to consider something homemade, for instance, but as long as your gift comes from the heart, your friends and family will appreciate it.

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Around the dinner table

Festive dinners with family and friends should be joyous occasions. Of course, we know that’s not always easy when accounting for people’s dietary differences. But remember, a dinner table is not a battleground – it’s an opportunity to welcome people to the possibilities of your perspective. By serving delicious and hearty festive alternatives, you’re helping to put tasty ethical treats on the radar of your friends and family. And maybe even on their plates – if they’re open to new experiences. Just stay grounded in your values, and remember that we’re all on a journey together, regardless of where we are on that journey!

The best thing you can do at meal times is to be an upbeat and inclusive ambassador for plant-based foods. Don’t expect to win everyone over to your side of the table – just be happy that you’re making plant-based foods accessible. (And if it ever feels too overwhelming, just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and remember that Veganuary is not far away!)

If you follow a plant-based diet, you don’t have to give up your traditional favorites during the festive period! With a little planning, we’re confident that you can rustle up a feast that the whole family will enjoy. And if you’re the only plant-based pioneer at the table this year, take comfort in the fact that you can enjoy a festive feast that others might also be interested in trying. Happy holidays from all of us at ProVeg, and we’ll see you in the new year!

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