Cooking your beans from scratch

When you have time to plan meals, food prepping can make your life easier, belly fuller, and grocery bill cheaper. A great way to do that is by cooking beans from scratch, using simple, dried beans.

Bowls of vegetable broth

Minimise food waste by making your own vegetable stock

Food waste is an unavoidable part of cooking – even when making something as convenient as soup. However, if you’re resourceful, you can make something delicious out of your leftover vegetables.

Beans around the world Blog

Beans Around the World

Beans are a versatile ingredient found in cuisines around the globe, all the way from Nigeria…

Three plant-based meal plans to celebrate World Vegan Day

This World Vegan Day, why not swap your usual meals for plant-based versions! To help you out, we’ve created three simple meal plans featuring everything from spaghetti bolognese to black bean stew.

The Power of Beans and Legumes

Beans and legumes have been a dietary staple for centuries, offering a rich source of protein…

Katherine Cattermole against some background vegetation

The challenges of being a teenage vegetarian

The rise of plant-based foods means that finding tasty and healthy vegetarian options has become…