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A ProVeg success story: Dutch company releases plant-based coconut macaroons


Madame Cocos is a Dutch company that specialises in coconut macaroons, a coconut-based pastry sold at markets, festivals, cafes and restaurants. This sweet delight is now available in three plant-based flavours – thanks to the assistance of ProVeg Corporate Engagement.

Macaroons without eggs

ProVeg first collaborated with Madame Cocos in 2018. During a six-month period, three plant-based flavours were developed and perfected: natural, lemon curd, and dark chocolate and tumeric. “It’s a real challenge to veganise a product in which eggs make up one third of the ingredients”, explains Martine van Haperen, product developer at ProVeg. She applauds Madame Cocos for taking on the challenge, as a variety of experiments were needed to find the optimal formula. At the time, the three plant-based flavours were exclusively available as ready-to-eat macaroons. However, given that festivals, cafes, and restaurants have been put on hold for the time being, Madame Cocos has now launched the three plant-based flavours as raw coconut pastry which can be ordered online from the new Madame Cocos webshop and which come in a handy envelope that fits through mail slots.

Madame Cocos ‘Dark chocolate and tumeric’ – one of three new plant-based macaroon flavours. Photo: Madame Cocos

ProVeg Corporate Engagement: supporting the food industry

One of the goals of ProVeg’s Corporate Engagement department is to guide and assist plant-based companies such as Madame Cocos. Our food-industry experts help with the initial developments in the hope that companies continue developing new plant-based products independently. ProVeg initially worked with Madame Cocos on the ready-to-eat macaroons and now, two years later, Madame Cocos have released the three flavours in the raw version. Johma, another Dutch company, also released two extra plant-based salads after a successful collaboration with ProVeg a year earlier, while HEMA, the producer of a famous Dutch apple crumble, also changed their recipe to a plant-based version after consulting with ProVeg.

Be part of a booming plant-based industry

At ProVeg Corporate Engagement, we work with stakeholders of the food industry to support the growth of the plant-based sector.

Accelerating the plant-based sector

ProVeg aims to reduce the global consumption of animal products. To achieve this goal, ProVeg encourages individuals to eat more plant-based foods while also helping to increase the availability of plant-based products by working with food producers, retailers, and caterers by assisting with the development of high-quality plant-based products. Additionally, by collaborating with governments, public institutions, and the food industry, ProVeg is helping to make plant-based products accessible to the widest possible market.

Help us create change

Support Proveg in accelerating the innovative food and alternative protein sector.


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