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ProVeg kicks off its ‘This Makes No Sense’ crowdvertising campaign

Since the EU is meeting next week (on 12 and 13 July) to discuss the promotion of meat and dairy at its agri-food policy review, we have launched a European billboard campaign encouraging policy makers to take urgently needed action and stop the promotion of meat and dairy products and promote sustainable lifestyles instead.

#ThisMakesNoSense billboard campaign

Every year, the EU spends around 60 million euros of taxpayers’ money to promote meat and dairy products. Campaigns such as Let’s Talk About Pork and Become A Beefatarian have been explicitly aimed at increasing meat consumption in the name of helping the EU’s animal-agriculture sector stay competitive. Officially, however, the EU takes the position that we should eat less meat to save the planet – but they spend nothing on promoting that position. This makes no sense, especially when scientists are calling for the promotion of sustainable diets.

Global NGOs and leading scientists, including Dr Jane Goodall, have pointed out that the promotion budget should rather be used for sustainable and healthy diets. Last month, a public consultation gave citizens the opportunity to speak up on this issue. The results of the consultation will be presented at the review on 12 and 13 July – which means that the billboard campaign will provide a last chance to reach policy makers after the Summer, when EU policy makers are making final decisions regarding the promotion of meat and dairy in Europe.

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We’ve put together a campaign that asks the EU to stop subsidising meat promotion and promote sustainable eating instead. With your support, we can make sure that the campaign is seen in places where EU decision makers can’t ignore it!

Crowdvertising to stop the EU’s meatvertising

Since the EU is not currently promoting sustainable diets, ProVeg has put together a billboard campaign that calls on the EU to stop subsidising meat and dairy and promote sustainable lifestyles instead. With the support of EU citizens, we can make sure that the campaign is seen in places where EU decision makers can’t ignore it. For five euros, citizens can help to fund a billboard in Brussels and, in this way, send a strong message to policy makers: you cannot ignore the voice of European citizens.

Unlike the EU-sponsored meat and dairy advertisements, this campaign will have the support of thousands of EU citizens. By funding this campaign together, we will show the EU that we want our money spent on the promotion of sustainable food choices.

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