Recent progress you’ve made possible

What we’ve been up to this past quarter, in all ProVeg’s different areas of action.

We support and connect global partners and start-ups to advance plant-based and cultivated food innovation; we raise public awareness around the multiple benefits of these foods.

New food innovations: the past, present, and future

ProVeg once again hosted leading food experts from around the world for the New Food Conference, Europe’s largest conference on alternative protein. The NFC was one of the two congresses organized during Anuga, the world’s leading trade fair for the food and beverage industry. The event explored current trends, shared inspiring stories, and engaged in lively discussions around cultured-food innovations. It even included a unique sampling of MeaTech’s cultured-meat product, which tasters gave a very positive rating. Media coverage was secured on prominent German channels such as ZDF and Sat1.

ProVeg Poland also hosted its national edition of the New Food Conference –  the New Food Forum, a unique, industry-oriented event that aims to accelerate and empower innovative food technologies. More than 140 leading food-industry representatives from food producers, retail chains, the media, and industry organizations came together to discuss the current status and future of plant-based alternatives in the Polish market, as well as providing solutions to improving the availability and quality of plant-based products.

From startups to roundups: the ProVeg Incubator leads the next generation of plant-based innovators

ProVeg Incubator, the world’s first and leading accelerator program for plant-based, fermentation and cultured-food startups, now has more than 55 alumni startups from 28 countries. Collectively, the startups have raised over $113 million in funding and have launched their products in more than 15,000 stores, worldwide. In 2021, the Incubator received over 270 applications from more than 30 countries, including, for the first time, Japan, Singapore, Estonia, Portugal, Colombia, and New Zealand. We are delighted to see global interest in the incubator growing so extensively.

In September, the ProVeg Incubator welcomed its seventh cohort of startups, comprising eight companies from six different countries. The Incubator team will support and mentor these startups until the end of the year. We are very excited to see the progress being made in the alt-protein startup scene!

A king-sized leap for plant-based food offerings in South Africa

Burger King South Africa has become the first fast-food outlet in Africa to offer V-Label-accredited plant-based options, with the introduction of a plant-based Whopper, along with crispy Vegan Nuggets and a Vegan Royale sandwich – all with the help and commitment of ProVeg South Africa and V-Label, the world’s largest vegetarian and vegan licensing program, which is locally administered and awarded by ProVeg South Africa. 

V-Label, which was recently introduced in the country, worked closely with Burger King to expand their plant-based and vegan range, which will be offered at all Burger King branches across South Africa, ensuring plant-based fast-food options at more locations than any other chain.


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