Southeast Asia takes a bold step towards food system transformation with the launch of ProVeg Malaysia

We’re very happy to announce the newest member of the ProVeg family: ProVeg Malaysia! Comprising a team of plant-based advocates, nutritionists, chefs, and entrepreneurs, ProVeg Malaysia is our first office in Southeast Asia, and is set to accelerate the growth of the region’s plant-based food sector and make plant-based eating the new normal!

Malaysia: A rich culinary history

Malaysia has a diverse population, comprising various ethnic groups, including Malays, Chinese, Indians, and a mix of other ethnicities. This rich multicultural society contributes to a diverse and vibrant culinary scene that blends ingredients and flavors from its many cultures. Dishes such as nasi lemak, char kway teow, and mi goreng are just a few examples of the tasty and culturally diverse dishes that Malaysia has to offer, making it something of a foodie’s paradise.

Food Innovation Challenge

ProVeg’s Food Innovation Challenge offers exciting opportunities for plant-based entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region – click to learn more.

A nation with a growing appetite for plant-based food

The number of plant-forward Malaysians has been steadily increasing in recent years, reflecting a global trend towards more conscious and sustainable dietary choices. Additionally, the number of plant-based restaurants and products in urban areas has expanded, offering an array of innovative animal-free alternatives. With the selection of plant-based meat alternatives getting bigger every week, and local dishes being adapted to meet the needs of veggie customers, the launch of ProVeg Malaysia comes at the right time.

Meet the ProVeg Malaysia team

Faisal Mansor, Director of ProVeg Malaysia, is a passionate sustainability advocate. Having co-founded Muslim Veg Malaysia, Faisal has two decades of experience in non-profit work and entrepreneurship, including positions with the Malaysian Vegetarian Society.

He is joined by Rajkumar Sheth, the President of the Southeast Asian Vegetarian Union, and Aina Fazlin Ibrahim Bajunid, the Vice President of the Malaysian Vegetarian Society. Additionally, long-serving plant-based doctor Dr. Vythilingam Pillay and registered nutritionist Oo Yi Quan bring their expertise in human nutrition and health to the table, while Adelyn Loo Wei Ee’s extensive experience in branding and communication will help to ensure that ProVeg Malaysia’s evidence-based messages will be heard around the region.

As part of ProVeg’s ‘influence the influencers’ strategy, the Malaysia team works with Kalidevan Murugaya AKA Chef Dave, a local social-media star with more than two million followers. Chef Dave’s casual and down-to-earth style of sharing plant-based recipes from various Malaysian cultures and cuisines is capturing the hearts of locals and international followers alike and inspiring a growing number of people to try his plant-based recipes. Given the multilinguistic nature of the country, Chef Dave’s polyglot proficiency in Malay, English, Mandarin, and Tamil is a huge advantage and helps to ensure that his warmly delivered message resonates with Malaysia’s multicultural audience.

ProVeg expands its global reach to China

“ProVeg is the first global NGO promoting alternative proteins to be given approval for a representative office in Shanghai, China.”

Welcome ProVeg Malaysia

We’re excited about this latest addition to the ProVeg family – and confident that ProVeg Malaysia will help to accelerate the transformation of the regional and global food systems.

You can support our new team by making a recurring donation that will help to drive lasting change in Malaysia. We are transforming the country’s food system in various ways, including influencing policymakers, partnering with businesses, schools, and hospitals for sustainable food options, fostering innovation among startups and investors, raising awareness through media and public engagement, and providing funding grants for smaller organizations.

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