Looking back on COP28 and forward to COP29

The UN Advocacy Team at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) Now that all the dust has…

Seven countries leading the way in plant-based food policies in 2024

In a world where consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental and health impact…

Behind the scenes at the European Commission on Agriculture summit in Budapest (27-28 September 2023)

ProVeg International joined the proceedings as national representatives from countries across Europe and Central Asia came together in Budapest, Hungary, to discuss food-systems transformation.

COP28: What is it – and why is ProVeg there?

COP28, UNFCCC, IPCC…if you’re interested in what the world is doing to fight climate change, you’ve likely seen these acronyms. But what do they mean?

COP28: Why all the hype around the Food4Climate Pavilion?

What’s all the buzz about the Food4Climate Pavilion at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference…

Youth Board in Bonn, June 2023

World Environment Day: ProVeg Youth Board attends the Bonn Climate Change Conference

World Environment Day (5 June 2023) marks the first day of the Bonn Climate Change Conference…