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5 reasons to try plant-based

We’ve put together this list of five compelling reasons to explore plant-based eating. As well as being better for the planet and climate, eating a plant-rich diet can positively impact well-being.

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4 things you can do for your health

Since 1948, the World Health Organization has been celebrating 7 April as World Health Day…

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International Day of Epidemic Preparedness – time to make the connection

Tuesday, 27 December is International Day of Epidemic Preparedness. A key way to minimise the risk of future pandemics is often overlooked: our food choices.

10 insightful films to support your plant-based journey

Are you looking for meaningful and insightful films to inspire you, your family, and friends…

The 10 best vegan books for beginners and long-time vegans

Attention bookworms! ProVeg presents 10 of the most inspiring and helpful books about veganism…

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World Food Safety Day – Shifting towards the food system of today and tomorrow

Today is World Food Safety Day, and an appropriate moment to stress the importance of moving towards plant-based diets.