New Food Conference stage

New Food Conference 2023: Looking to the future of food

In October, the New Food Conference will once again dive into alternative protein, including plant-based retail, the out-of-home market, and the role that cultivated meat will play in the future.

Nigeria’s vegan scene is blossoming: meet a local entrepreneur who’s leading the way

Hakeem Jimo is one of Nigeria’s first vegan protein producers. He is one of the African pioneers bringing plant-based protein into the mainstream.

Building a kinder future with cellular agriculture

In January 2022, Mosa Meat published a peer-reviewed paper revealing how it achieves muscle differentiation without fetal bovine serum (FBS).

Matthew Glover

“It’s there for the taking”: An Interview with Veganuary co-founder Matthew Glover

Since launching in 2014, an estimated two million people have taken the pledge. I asked Glover how the plant-based market has changed over the past eight years.

December Highlights from the plant-based and cultured-food sector: The plant-based market looks set to accelerate even faster in 2022

As 2022 kicks in, it’s already evident that the shift towards plant-based and cultured eating is set to continue accelerating.

November 2021 highlights from the plant-based and cultured-food sector: New Evidence Finds Most Shoppers “Most Likely Never to Visit” a Dedicated Vegan Supermarket Aisle

Key developments this month include the regulatory approval of Eat Just’s pourable egg product, and the launch of Perfect Day’s cream cheese, made from cultured milk proteins. Read on to find out more.