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Some of the other ways that proVeg can help you begin a plant-based lifestyle

Plant-based health for a better world

A plant-based diet can provide an ample supply of all the nutrients needed for optimal health. But whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or meat-eater, a healthy body requires a balanced and varied diet that includes all the necessary nutrients.

Plant-Based Alternatives

The foods you love, made sustainable and cruelty-free

From milk and eggs to meat, fish, and honey, plant-based alternatives and substitutes are now available for nearly all animal-based foods. The selection is huge and getting bigger all the time, offering a range of culinary possibilities that is nutritious, cruelty-free, and uses far less resources.

Veggie Challenge Teams for groups makes it perfect for companies to collectively embark on the challenge with their employees!


What do you want to cook today?

From healthy breakfasts to decadent desserts, plant-based cooking presents endless opportunities for culinary exploration. Take a tour of our rich selection of plant-based recipes to find the perfect meal for any occasion.

ProVeg Schools and Colleges

Healthier young people for a healthier planet

We work with local authorities, schools, colleges, and private caterers, offering a range of support services, including:

Menu consultation and advice.

Recipe development.

Impact assessments.