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Three plant-based meal plans to celebrate World Vegan Day

This World Vegan Day, why not swap your usual meals for plant-based versions and see how easy it can be! To help you out, we’ve created three simple meal plans to choose from, featuring everything from a humble spaghetti bolognese to a zesty lime-spiked black bean stew. Let’s get cooking!

Image: Adobe Stock / vaaseenaa

Meal Plan 1

Start your day with a delicious high-protein tofu scramble, followed by a comforting minestrone soup for lunch and a black bean chilli with homemade flatbreads for dinner. What more could you want for World Vegan Day?

Breakfast: Scrambled tofu on toast

Lunch: Minestrone soup

Dinner: Black bean chilli with homemade flatbreads and yogurt

Image: Vivera

Meal Plan 2

This meal plan starts with a gently warming banana-and-nut-butter porridge, is followed by a tasty plant-based shawarma kebab, and is topped off with a classic spaghetti bolognese.

Breakfast: Banana porridge with nut butter

Lunch: Shawarma kebab pita

Dinner: Spaghetti bolognese

Image: The Guardian / Ola O Smit

Meal Plan 3

Fancy something a little different for World Vegan Day? Indulge in some plant-based pancakes for breakfast, along with your choice of toppings, then pack up a cheesy white bean dip and crudites for an on-the-go lunch, and ramp up the flavour with a zesty black bean taco bowl for dinner.

Breakfast: Easy pancakes with syrup and bananas

Lunch: Cheesy white bean dip with crudites and bread

Dinner: Lime-spiked black bean, avocado and rice taco bowl

We love these recipes but feel free to come up with your own variations. Either way, we can’t wait for you to get creative in the kitchen this World Vegan Day – and make sure to use the hashtag #MyPlantBasedDay if you make these or any other dishes and share them on social media! 

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